It is important that Stony Forest Gems provides a quality product at an affordable price.

Stony Forest Gems is a sole proprietor company which specializes in crafting natural stone jewelry for today’s consumer who is interested in beautiful jewelry and the healing energy provided by each piece.

Our industry is fashion and healing energies. We make jewelry that will help the wearer with challenges they have in their everyday life. Stone energy has long been a method of helping individuals with calmness, protection, pain, and meditation etc.

I have my own signature creations but also create personalized pieces for the customer when needed. I teach jewelry making and also do jewelry repair.

My Mission Statement is as follows, Stony Forest Gems creates unique and natural designs in stone, crystal and glass. I provide affordable, high-quality jewelry spanning the spectrum of casual, professional and celebration gatherings. My wish is for our jewelry to make the consumer feel beautiful inside and out; my pieces are created with the customers’ inner beauty, wellness, and spirit in mind. Jewelry Classes, Personal Instruction, and Custom Orders Welcome

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